Forgive me for being a couple of weeks late with this but I’ve been cyber-silent for some time and really missed some great stuff like the coming out event of HEALING WATER, an excellent and intriguing story of the leper colony in Hawaii and the people who both worked and lived there. Wow. I read this in manuscript form and I was blown away. Since then, with Carolyn Yoder editing it, it got even better. Run! Get your copy now!

Congratulations, Joyce, on bringing the life, the fear, the love, and everything about a scary disease to all of us in very real terms. Sure, it’s historical fiction. But we have the same kinds of things happening around us today. This book is fascinating for young people and adults. Awesome writing!



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2 responses to “HEALING WATER: A HAWAIIAN STORY is out!!!

  1. Wow! You ARE back! Thanks so much for the plug!

    I feel launched now!

  2. It really is a great book. I passed it on to one of my critique group members at our meeting this evening, because it’s definitely right up her alley. I told her to pass it on to someone else. Hopefully, the book will keep right on circulating. I’ll have to go and find myself a new copy….

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