Live Update

Whoa. Three month hiatus. Where did the time go? Where did I go?

August: Canada, to research a work in progress. Newfoundland hasn’t changed that much since I lived there. The people are still warm and friendly, the seals adorable, the black sand/stone beaches very cool. AND my family survived 4,000 miles of driving together, including driving to France (Really! We took a ferry to the French island of St. Pierre, off the SE coast of Newfoundland–tres interessant!).

September: Trip to Maryland for QUAKING book party. School. Sports. Visitors. Mom stuff.

October: Adoption Day, Birthday. Visitors. SCBWI Mid-Atlantic in Arlington, VA — GREAT event! LOVED Jen McVeity & Bruce Coville, both of them smart, funny and clever. Got to meet great people like Kristy Dempsey and Sheri Goad (hi!).

November: Birthday, Adoption Day. West Virginia Book Faire. My first time being covered as a writer in an actual newspaper. First time on radio, too, altho’ I didn’t listen because I was on at 5:00 am and why would I get up just to hear myself? I talk to myself enough as it is.

Writing Summary: Current novel almost done, down to last 2 chapters, then adding a little backstory. Two new novels in progress. Canada novel now 4th in the queue. But I really want to work on #5 . . . just need more time.

Some good books I’ve read recently:

A Crooked Kind of Perfect, Linda Urban (LOVE this!)
Elijah of Buxton, Christopher Paul Curtis
The Wednesday Wars, Gary D. Schmidt
Gabriel’s Triumph, Alison Hart
The Last Knight, Hilari Bell
The Curse of the Romanovs, Staton Rabin
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie

Happy reading & writing to all!



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12 responses to “Live Update

  1. Welcome back Kathy!
    And congrats on your ALA nomination for Quaking!

  2. I don’t know what I envy most – your incredible writing (I loved QUAKING), your four novels just itching for you to complete them, or the fact your family can drive together for 4000 miles and survive!

    Congrats on all of the above, Kathy.

  3. You are a writing machine! It’s so good to get the update and yes, huge congrats on the ALA nomination.

    • Thanks, Joyce! We need to get together again — it has been way too long. Are you going to the SCBWI mid-winter in NYC, by any chance? I’m thinking about it. It’d be SO great to see you!

      • I have that date marked on my calendar BUT I haven’t convinced myself I should go. I would love to, of course! But I would love to go to so many book and writer events. The challenge is sorting out which ones I can afford and when is a good time for another trip. I’ll let you know if I think I’m going.

      • Sounds good, Joyce! I understand. Keep mulling it over. So many choices . . .

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