Book Launch FUN

So your local indie requires you to take out expensive ads before doing a signing and your local big box reneges on the engagement set up by the prior CRM, loses your ARC (twice), and doesn’t return your calls?

Try a book launch in your comfort zone . . . your favorite coffee shop!

I had a blast at my favorite coffee shop, inviting friends from all walks of life. I think they all had fun, too, and that was really satisfying to see–heads huddled in earnest conversation, riotous laughter, hugs, etc. The coffee shop owner remarked on the positive energy. It helps if you have a great sister who plays hostess and photographer, and a great friend who brings children to amuse your own children (and did I also see you pitching my book to a total stranger, AM?).

I will be posting photos tomorrow. Hopefully, you can see just how fun it was!

Oh, and I sold 27 books.

Thank you, friends!



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13 responses to “Book Launch FUN

  1. No, that wasn’t a stranger at all–I’ve known him for years (geez, Kathy, do you think I don’t know anyone you don’t know?). And I don’t think he bought one. Oh well.

    It was a great event!

  2. YAY! 27 books is great. Sorry about the bookstores though. 😦

  3. that sounds fabulous—what a great idea! (and sorry about the debacles w/ the book stores!)

  4. Book launch

    Great idea! I’m so impressed. Promoting one’s self can be so hard to do! Can’t wait to see the pics.

  5. 27 book IS great. Wish I could have been there.

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