Yes, it made me feel like singing. What fun! I wish I’d seen more of you but I did get to chat briefly with Kim Marcus and Debbie Garfinkle and Laurie Halse Anderson from LJ (and other famous places) and see tons of other famous people (and famously wonderful people even if not technically famous). I LOVE LIBRARIANS!! What a great group!

I also got to sign copies of QUAKING at the Penguin booth which was quite a high!

Roxyanne Young has kindly put news of QUAKING up at SmartWriters:
Joelle Anthony interviewed me at her website: and
Jen Wardrip at teensreadtoo:

Thank you, Roxyanne, Joelle and Jen! You are great promoters!

And QUAKING has been reviewed by Horn Book, Kirkus, Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, School Library Journal, VOYA, and Chidren’s Literature. Most of them are good and as for the negative comments, my wise writer friend, Anne Marie, reminded me, not everyone is against the war so they’re NOT going to like the political message and there’s nothing I can do about that. Very true. I love the line from Kirkus calling QUAKING “one of the first, if not THE first anti-war novel for this generation.” Cool!

So, enough of the excitement — back to laundry, getting kids to where they’re supposed to be or getting them to do what they’re supposed to be doing, washing the dog, cleaning toilets, etc. You know what I’m talking about . . . the glamorous life of an author!



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18 responses to “ALA LA LA / QUAKING

  1. “one of the first, if not THE first anti-war novel for this generation.”

    Wow, wow, wow!!!!

    My copy is supposed to arrive this week, Kathy. I’m so excited to read your book and so very happy for the great reviews!

    Congratulations to you!

  2. You are too modest. Your reviews are excellent–and well-deserved.

  3. That’s wonderful! I can’t wait to read it–and yes, you can’t please everyone all the time, but you can write the book you want to write and it sounds like you did. Bravo. =9

  4. Yay!! Congratulations! I have it sitting proudly atop my tbr pile! Enjoy the ride!

  5. Now I REALLY can’t wait to get my copy of QUAKING!

  6. “one of the first, if not THE first anti-war novel for this generation.”
    Oh, I’m gonna have to check it out!

    Congrats on a fabulous time! Sounds like you had great fun!

  7. Whoohoo! I must check my local library for it…

  8. Woo Hoo!

    I am so thrilled for you. And anxious to read the interviews and new reviews. Here I go to do that now!

  9. I just received QUAKING in the mail today!!!

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