1 day ’til Quaking . . . 1 special book for 1 special girl

I’ve had one book on my mind a lot lately, but I’d like help in thinking of one special book for our foster daughter in Mali (West Africa). It’s close to her birthday (they don’t know the exact date) and she’ll be turning 10. I haven’t found any books in her native language (Bambara) but they speak some French. I’ve about exhausted the Amazon selection of French books but if you can think of a (relatively simple) book in English, I may try translating it for her. With my rusty French, old text books, and Babelfish, it may sound somewhat like Yoda, translated by, but I think it’d still be welcome. Her teacher usually reads to her and the other girls and boys in her class. Any topic you think might be interesting, comforting, uplifting, educational is fine–or adventurous, etc. Probably nothing too edgy.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks,



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2 responses to “1 day ’til Quaking . . . 1 special book for 1 special girl

  1. Kathy, I’m in a huge hurry but if you’ll give me until tomorrow I’ll check with my illustrator for MINI-RACER. She lives in France and is majorly involved in SCBWI. I’ll shoot her an email.

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