Four Days . . . Father’s Day . . . Four Fathers

I’m continuing my Quaking countdown–4 days to go!–and since it’s Father’s Day, how about your top four fathers in books you’ve read? You can pick them either because they’re great dads or because they’re well-crafted, even if you wouldn’t want the dude as a dad. Here are 4 of my recent favorites (except the first, who is the classic, great, all-time best dad, albeit in that somewhat distant pre-1970’s way):

1. Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)
2. The preacher (Because of Winn Dixie)
3. Willie (All of the Above)
4. Dad (Al Capone Does My Shirts)



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8 responses to “Four Days . . . Father’s Day . . . Four Fathers

  1. Okay. Lemme think.

    Pa Ingalls, for sure.
    Atticus Finch, of course.
    Jacob Whitting (Sarah, Plain and Tall)
    House Jackson’s Daddy (Deborah Wiles’ forthcoming The Aurora County All-Stars)

  2. Oh, goodie, another Deborah Wiles book! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. 1. already forgot how he was referred to in the book (papa?), but the girl’s foster-father in The Book Thief–what a character!
    2. …seconding Pa Ingalls
    3. the dad in Danny, Champion of the World, by Roald Dahl
    4. does Heidi’s grandpa count? If not, then Tuck in Tuck everlasting

  4. Oh shoot. I have another.

    Reuben’s dad in Peace Like A River. He might beat Jacob Whitting.

  5. I like Jess’s dad in BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. He’s not perfect but he comes through when it counts.

    And I really Sam in this book called QUAKING.

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