QUAKING Countdown!

Only 5 days until Quaking hits the bookstores! June 21st, exactly once month before the release date of that other book, you know, the wizard one. Which got me thinking, what do I have in common with JK?

5 Days, 5 Things in Common with the Great J.K. Rowling:

1. The authors both lived in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. The authors . . . are both women.

3. The authors have oldest children who are just about the same age and like HP.

4. JK are my sister’s and my initials, and how we abbreviated our names, Jan & Kathy.

5. In cyberspeak, JK means JOKE, which is as close I get to the real JK!

What do YOU have in common with the famous children’s author?



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15 responses to “QUAKING Countdown!

  1. Um, um, um. Ummmmmm.

    #2 and #3.

    We’re triplets!

  2. We both wrote our first books without ever having any formal writing training.

    We both wrote our first books while our babies napped. (although I was at home, and not on welfare)

    We both write fantasy for 9-12 year olds.

    We both admire her work. 🙂

  3. Oh, and my next book comes out one week after her next book.

  4. OMGoodness! June 21st is my birthday! I guess I know what I will be buying for myself.! It’s the longest day of the year…enjoy every second of it!


  5. I share the same birth day/year with her. 7-31-65
    I think we were separated at birth? She overshadows me a bit. I’m not bitter, my time will come. 😉

  6. I was born exactly 5 days before her (and azang!), on the 26th.

    Like her, I have a younger sister (whose initials are J.K.).

    My mother died relatively young (55), and so did Jo’s….

    I have a male MC in my first novel, which I’m trying to sell. :>)

  7. If I had just a fraction of her success (and money!), I’d be happy. :>)

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