First, I got the cute little puffy white FedEx air package with TWO of my REAL books in it!! Next, the doorbell rang and the BIG BOX of author copies arrived — woo hooo! I’m thinking of placing them around the house: coffee table, bedside table (everyone’s), bathroom, etc. My other book was just paperback so this feels REAL. It’s hard. Like you can balance it on your head and walk across the room. (I only did that once.) Do you think it would look too showy as a necklace? hat? bustier?

Thank you for letting me be giddy.

The release date is June 21st (two weeks) but maybe it’ll be out sooner. I know one author friend’s neighbor received her pre-ordered copy from Amazon before my friend even got her author copies.

And inside the back jacket flap they even mentioned my dog by name. Maxine wagged heartily when I read it out to her. I hope my (un-named) kids aren’t jealous . . . now they’ll think I’ve been serious all those times when, in frustration, I’ve yelled, “Maxine is my only GOOD child!”

OH, and my website is redone so it’s not snore-city any more, but the new address is KathrynErskine.com (not KathyErskine.com, altho’ the Kathy version will eventually point to the new website, too).




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11 responses to “QUAKING is HERE!

  1. Congratulations on the big box of books, and on the upcoming release.

  2. Very cool.
    You could decoupage book jackets onto your car, that would look nice. Force your children to hand carry a copy wherever they go. Glue one on each side of the dog, that would look fancy when you go out for walkies. You forgot they would make great shoes too. Money? You could pay for your groceries in books instead of cash. It would be a great way to get several into circulation quickly.
    I’ll bet they smell really good too?
    Congrats to you!

  3. Woo hoooooo! I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to see all that hardness!

  4. Oh, what a feeling!
    Now don’t give those all away. And be thinking about how you are going to sign my copy, and everybody else’s…

  5. Congratulations! Real hardcovers. This is such a big deal. I’m thinking you could string a few of them together for a charm bracelet . . .

  6. Thank you, all, and I love the idea for what to do with my new books!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go finish Maxine’s Quaking jacket before walkies . . . .

  7. Yipppeeeee – skipeeee

    Oh Kathy, I have sooooo beeen wondering about this! Am so excited! I’m still planning to write a review and also will be sending the ARC to a YA Lit Prof in Florida (I think that’s where she is. I met her at IRA and she said she’d review it. Now I’ve got to scrounge for her business card.)

    I love Quaking. I love love love the paragraph about soup and the lima bean pillow. The whole thing was great so it is nuts to get all thrilled over one paragraph but honestly I just wish I had written that one!

    • Re: Yipppeeeee – skipeeee

      Thank you!! For both the lovely comments and for getting me another review!

      Sorry I haven’t been keeping up but our internet connection was down for most of the weekend. Life without internet is like caffeine withdrawal or a disease. My husband and I were lost souls. We’ve practically forgotten how to find a place without mapquest or get a store’s hours without looking at their website. It was embarrassingly awful.

      But I’m back in the real (?!) world today!

      • Re: Yipppeeeee – skipeeee

        Welcome back to the real world.

        What did we ever do before the info super highway? Watch TV, I guess.

        I was thinking about this the other day – how Chuck and I come home from someplace and both go to our computers. And stay there – for hours. We’ve got blogs, and friends lists, and podcasts. Who needs a real relationship anymore?

        I’m starting to think about a podcast! Yikes! I better get back to my cabbage soup diet! (It actually works.)

      • Re: Yipppeeeee – skipeeee

        The cabbage soup diet? Is that good for internet addiction? I hadn’t heard!

      • Re: Yipppeeeee – skipeeee

        Oh, that didn’t make any sense did it? I was imagining my image on a podcast which led to the conclusion that I’d want to lose more weight first which led my thoughts to dieting and cabbage soup. As far as I know, cabbage soup is not a cure for internet addiction!

        Sorry, I don’t know any fixes for that. Except maybe moving to a remote island.

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