“Highlighted” Review for Quaking!

I just found out that my first review of QUAKING is a “highlighted” one from VOYA–I’m psyched! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more (more reviews, and more good ones, if possible). Here are the last lines:

“The book’s structure is more complex than it first appears, but the complex levels of life and broken humans woven together in this small town show the author’s expertise in structuring a good story. In the end, the narrator chooses to abandon her restricted and no-longer-needed survival skills to become the hero of her own life.”

Our local library is ordering QUAKING so I’m happy about that, too!

And, I’m getting temporary tattoos of the book jacket to hand out at signings, which is pretty exciting by itself! Those, along with the Wint-O-Green LifeSavers will surely bring some people to the table. Wanna come?


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22 responses to ““Highlighted” Review for Quaking!

  1. Yay! I’m so happy–and not at all surprised!

    Can I have a tattoo?

  2. HIGH FIVE!!! to you!

    (Anne Marie sent me!)

  3. AMP sent me over. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!! Wishing you much success with your temporary tattoos and wint-o-green lifesavers

    • Thanks! BTW, I get such a kick out of your posts! I think this was one of yours: No. 1 son in back seat of car saying something like, “If I breathe, you ask me, how was that breath? Did you enjoy it? Did anyone share it with you?” I’m still howling about that one!

  5. Fabulous! Here’s to more to come!

  6. Woohoo! I’m in line for a tattoo, wintogreens, AND your book! 🙂

  7. YAY for awesome reviews and more!!!


    Fabulous – that’s what Quaking is. I’ll be sending my ARC of Quaking to a YA Lit doctoral candidate I met at IRA. She said she’ll write a review. That’s IF I can part with my copy.

  9. Congrats, Kathy. I want to read the whole review! And tell me, do Wint-O-Green lifesavers really spark?

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