Energizer Bunny Parents

Today I’m giving myself, and my husband, Best Bunny Awards for yesterday. It was not just an Easter egg hunt that we put on for the kids. It was “The Amazing Race” and it lasted for 8 hours. The kids wanted more! Then, DH morphed into Howie Mandel and they played “Deal or No Deal.” I got to be all the girls. Howie had to remind me to say, “Hi, Howie,” but he did say I looked beautiful. Seriously, we’re not such a big TV family but it sure sounds like it. Our kids are like Energizer Bunnies and we try hard to keep them active (and tire them out) even though we’re not Energizers ourselves, more like those rechargables that recharge less and less and less . . . As we sat on the couch comatose and watched “The Sound of Music” which seemed to be on Easter Marathon Schedule, I said our kids could cross the Alps if we ever needed to escape. He pointed out that we probably could not. Still, I think we deserve Best Bunny Awards for yesterday and I’m rewarding myself with extra coffee and more Reese’s eggs than I would generally snarf down. Sadly, his reward is to go to work and earn money so that I can sit and eat chocolate.

On to writing. I hope everyone had a great Easter or whatever you enjoy celebrating!



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3 responses to “Energizer Bunny Parents

  1. Aw, I bet you’d make it over the Alps. Especially if the need arose today when you’re well-fueled with coffee and chocolate!! 🙂

    Bet your kids always remember that Easter.

  2. My day sounds much calmer than yours. Enjoy today’s peace and quiet.

  3. Kathy, I am so impressed! 8 hours! Your children are sooooo lucky! I love the Amazing Race and it’s such a great concept to use in so many settings. Maybe we ought to do some kind of Writing Amazing Race! You plan it. I’ll think about joining!

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