Upon reviewing my live journal profile, I realized that I have more schools than friends. That is too pathetic so I guess Anne Marie is right, I should actually start journaling! (AM, I bet you would’ve used a “pathetic” mood icon rather than “apathetic” if there were one!)

Well, hello, everyone! I’m going to post my bio I just sent to the Penguin website which is a little silly but says a lot in not too many words:

Kathryn Erskine spent many years as a lawyer before realizing that she’d rather write things that people might actually enjoy reading. She grew up mostly overseas and attended eight different schools, her favorite being the Hogwarts-type castle in Scotland. The faculty, of course, did not consist of wizards, although . . . how did the headmistress know that it was “the wee redhead” who led the campaign to free the mice from the biology lab? Erskine draws on her childhood—and her second childhood through her children—for her stories. She still loves to travel but nowadays most trips tend to be local, such as basketball and tennis courts, occasional emergency room visits, and the natural food store for very healthy organic chocolate with “life saving” flavonoids.

I’m getting to know some of you from reading your posts and occasionally even responding to them. I look forward to being more a part of the on-line world this year!




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25 responses to “Friends

  1. I need me some life-saving flavonoids. But I have to go to the gym first.

  2. I saw ‘s post so I came over to welcome you to LJ.
    Have fun.

  3. I love your bio, Kathy! You have a clever, mischievous sense of humor.

    I saw your comment to my post so I’ll kill two birds with one stone here and reply to that, too, with a Yes, oh, boy, now we can email AND blog. I need more energy for this, more time. But I do think it’s time to stretch myself. I envision myself becoming a hermit once the kids are all gone… I do need to force myself to connect with the world, and never know why I didn’t when I do and discover all the cool people and ideas out there.

    Happy writing yourself.

  4. Welcome to lj! I love your cover!!! Can you tell us about your book?


    • Hi, Amanda! Thanks for the welcome!

      “Quaking” is about a troubled (and snarky) teen who gets sent to live with a Quaker family, her “last chance.” She struggles with school bullying as well as memories of her scary childhood. The title is a double entendre referring to her fears and to the family’s religion. Since Quakers are pacifists, she can identify with that, given her violent background, but it’s still a struggle for her to embrace a family and value her place in it–and to speak out against violence when it’s easier to hide from it. In the end, she’s driven to face her fears and admit how much she really cares.

  5. Welcome to LJ, Kathy!

    This is Dot– we met briefly at Rutgers. At least, I think we met? You’re *that* Kathy, right?

  6. Anne Marie sent me on over to say hi. Welcome to LJ, Kathy.

    And your bio made me smile–life saving flavonoids, eh?! 🙂

  7. Welcome to lj!! Nice to meetcha!

  8. Welcome to LJ Land!!!!!

  9. Hi Kathy!! Good to see you here!

  10. Welcome to LJ Kathy! I checked out your website and your new book sounds wonderful (as does your other book). I look forward to reading then both.

  11. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Happy writing to all!

  12. Nice education! Lucky duck! (I’ve decided that when I finally win the lottery, I’m going to buy a castle in Scottland. Why not?) ;-D

  13. Welcome to LJ, Kathy!

    It’s so fascinating how many used-to-be lawyers are now authors for kids and teens. On the YA loop I’m on, there are a lot!

  14. Greetings! Welcome to the pack! (which is what certain people call my group of blogging friends) I like the sound of QUAKING. 🙂

  15. Kathy, so glad you’re here on LJ now. I feel like I know you from all I’ve heard from AMP. Can’t wait to read QUAKING!

  16. Welcome to LJ, Kathy! I love your wicked sense of humor in your bio, and I’m looking forward to reading more about/playing on LJ with you.

  17. Welcome to LJ in a late, roundabout way (via thatgirlygirly to annemariepace to you). You’ve lived a fascinating life and I look forward to learning more about your books!

    My best,
    Colleen Cook

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